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Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't eat the hotdogs from that place that adds up to 18. Make these instead.

I have a charcoal grill. Nope not gas, charcoal. Yes it takes just forever to heat up and I understand lots of folks think they don't have TIME. Bull, everyone just slow down. Our Dads made an art of lighting charcoal grills at just the right time to get everything cooked. When they didn't, it just gave us more time to hang out in the back yard with friends and family. My grill's name is Ken. Ken the Weber. Only my RAMS are going to get that joke. Sigh


1 large onion, julienne 
1 large red bell pepper julienne 
buncha good brats
one dark beer
good mustard. French, American, English (my favorite is pictured below)
some olive oil. 

Fire up the grill. 
All we really need to do is put some grill marks on these bad boys. I got KEN really hot, took about 30 minutes. 
 During that time start with a very hot large pan. We are caramelizing our onions and peppers. We start hot and then decrease to medium. To do this properly takes a while. Even brown but not too brown. Adding a big pinch of salt helps render out the natural sugars. Again, be patient and don't walk away. If it burns you have to start over. Once you are happy with the results. Remove from pan but DON'T WASH IT. You have all that golden brown yumminess to play with on the bottom of the pan and that's really going to help us in a little bit. 

 Back to the brats. Carefully place them on the grill and once marked on one side, turn them over and do the other. 

Remove from heat. Take them back to the kitchen. Heat up your pan once more and add your beer to de-glaze. 

Ok, now it's magic time. Add one blob of dark mustard to the pan and your brats. Bring to a ferocious boil and then immediately take off heat.  Easy right? 

 I did mine with a little potato au gratin but heck any side works with these. So, the lesson is, let the poor bastards eat the all the crappy hot dogs out there. These are MINE.

That's it for now. Go get your grub on. Ciao