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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How the heck did we ef up POPCORN???

Cooking poor, eating rich.

 This is what I'm all about. Take it back.

Have you looked at a bag of micro-wave popcorn lately?

  The most basic sack I saw has more crap in it than; say, crap.
 Popcorn has 3 basic ingredients, popcorn, butter, salt.

 Folks, seriously.

 How did we screw this up???

My Dad made this with nothing more than a pot, some corn and melted butter. If we were good, he added cheese. I have many memories of us going to drive-in movies with a sack of popcorn, and us in our jammies. Mom, Dad, I love you.

Get out there, buy a jar of popcorn. All you need is some oil, salt and butter. OK if you're me, some cinnamon-sugar and Tabasco. List of cool things to add listed below.

you will need

 1/3 cup of popcorn. I used the one with Orville's name on it, Use what you have, no worries.

a coupla TB of veg oil.
some salt
1-2 TB butter

one deep pot with lid

List of things to add after the butter, yes butter.
NOT to say you should use ALL of these together, use with wisdom.
cinnamon sugar
cayenne pepper
garlic salt
shredded parmesan cheese
dried oregano
Tabasco sauce
minced chives
shredded sharp cheddar

my two favorites are cinnamon sugar and tabasco. I like the sweet-spicy thing.

OK got this?
NOW into the pot put your oil, a pinch of salt (add it now, shake it later) and a few kernels.
like this

ON HIGH HEAT lid off for now and wait for it....takes 'bout a minute. Once you get some popping action

 add the rest of the kernels in a single layer and take the pot off heat. Let the pot rest off heat for about a minute. This lets the kernels all heat up to the same temperature.

OK put the lid on and put the pot back on heat. Grab some kitchen towels. 
You will start hearing the kernels pop after like 20 seconds. Keep that lid on and shake your pot every couple of seconds. 

Once you no longer hear the POP, remove from heat and shake the pot a few more times just to be sure. Now turn pot upside-down (hold the lid on folks) and shake one last time. We are using the carry-over heat from the pot to pop those last few kernels. Dump out into a large bowl. using your now empty but still hot pot, plop in your butter (yes again, butter). 

Once melted, pour over popcorn. Add whatever you want. Again, nothing I like more than sweet and spicy so I'm doin' mine with cinnamon sugar and tabasco. toss around and eat. 
The ol' man would be proud

Cooking poor but eating rich.
 Go get your grub on. Ciao. 

If you are really reading this, ask me what the first movie I ever saw, with my folks at a drive-in was. Dad had a big brown bag of popcorn, love the ol' man. 


  1. What was the first Drive-In Movie you saw? Mine was Bambi sometime in the mid70's.

  2. It was Roger Moore in Live and let Die. Classic James Bond.