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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pineapple magic trick.

Pineapple is the universal symbol of hospitality. This is a magic trick I was taught by Chef Eric Watson. It looks like a Ham but it ain't. Get out your blow-torch. Takes a bit of time but oh my is it worth it.

Mise en place:

One whole pineapple. Take off the top and all sides.

a large quantity of cinnamon-sugar ( about 3 cups)
plastic wrap, lots
a serrated knife

blow-torch, yep I said it

Half a bag of frozen raspberries
About 1 TB of cinnamon-sugar
Scant pinch salt. Wire mesh strainer

1 sheet of puff-pastry. Rolled out.
some more cinnamon-sugar
baking sheet and a 400 degree oven

one large pot for the pineapple

one small pot for sauce

 n'kay, so we took off all the crap off our pineapple right?
Roll it and pack on the cinnamon-sugar. 

Wrap it in plastic tightly. Let's pretend that it carries a zombie-virus. 
 Put it into some hot water, bring to a boil and take it back down to just hot for 5 hours. Seriously. 
see ya, in like 5 hours

Le Palmier. 
Yes I have made puff-pastry by hand, no, nobody has to anymore. 
 Pepperidge Farms. Look in the frozen section of your local grocery store. I always, always have some in my freezer, you just never know. take out one sheet and let it come to room temp before you unroll it. 
Alls ya gotta do is unroll it and dump some cinnamon-sugar on it. Take up both sides and roll it up into the middle. 

Grab your knife and start slicing across, about 1/3 inch. Squeeze it together when you can. 
look how pretty
Place each slice on a baking sheet. You won't have to grease it. 'cus like duhhh puff pastry is flour and butter. 

Put in a 400 degree oven, keep your eye on it, do not do not leave the kitchen. Let bake for about 6 minutes. Once browned, remove from oven. Wasn't that fun?? Puff-pastry was invented by accident when a rookie cook forgot to put butter into his tart dough. He then folded the fat by layer into the dough and we now are blessed with this lovely little gem. 

'kay, let's do the sauce
take your handful of frozen raspberries, add some sugar and place all in a small pot over high heat
once heated thru, take off heat and dump into a wire-strainer. 

Force thru to remove all the seeds and YIPEE you just made Sauce Framboise !! (Raspberry sauce for those of you who didn't surrender.)

 Now comes the part with the blow-torch. My favorite kitchen tool. 

 Test the pineapple, stick a meat fork in it. If there is any resistance (like the French), Let it go for another hour or so. Once completely tender to the core. Remove and let drain over a colander. 

Un-wrap and let cool. Put it into the freezer if you are in a hurry. 
Light your blow-torch. Using a meat fork thru the center. Toast the outsides as carefully as you can. 
burn baby burn disco inferno

So do you get the special effects? We have a loaf shaped object with caramelized outsides. Guess what we do now?
Place pineapple on a flat surface and with a serrated knife (hold with a meat fork) make one way slashes across the surface. Then turn it and do the same again. 

Ain't it just the prettiest? 

Slice it the same way you would a ham. Serve with the sauce and some of the palmier. 

with some hibiscus flower.

I know this took a lot of your time, but it's worth it isn't it ? We cook poor but eat rich. 

Go get your grub on. Ciao.

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