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Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas Carol. God bless us, everyone.

My friend Mary is the kind of person that many aspire to be. Compassionate, caring and darn pretty.

She keeps her eye on an army of kids aging out of the Foster Care system. Once a year at this time she struggles to throw them a gigantic party. For one night they experience the things we take for granted everyday. Home cooked meal, family at the table, the warmth and light of the season. The other 364 days? Some of these kids are homeless, most are severely lacking of security, support and guidance.

Mary is also a Washington High RAM.

She calls for help, we answer. This is my second year serving as a volunteer. I wasn't alone.

I reached out to my friends at Atlasta Catering again, they came through in a big way. Cambro full of Turkey, I headed out to the church hall, hoping to make some Christmas magic.

We entered the hall, HUGE, dark.

I headed right for the kitchen, my buddy Kevin followed. Lots of work ahead. Luckily we had a big professional kitchen this year. Convection ovens, grill top. All waited to heat and hold all the food the rest of the volunteers would bring. Re-heat, slice and carve. Kevin who was just getting over a cold gave up his Birthday to be there. He got a crash course of slicing Ham and Turkey. Champ.

Our friend Jeff appointed himself as expo, ran food back and forth like a BOSS.

Jamie and her lovely daughter helped keep things from getting out of hand.


People given the chance are magnificent. We had a gigamountain of food this year. Kids ate until bursting and we were able to pack to-go containers for anyone who wanted. Grateful they would have food for the Holiday weekend. There was even enough Mary was able to drop some off at a homeless shelter.

The kids are tremendous. All night long they would thank us, hang out with us. Such a tight group.

I know that I'll be back next year. I hope this continues to grow. With the support of our WHS RAMS we can continue to show the kids with the least that they matter.

I still wish we could have more. Next year?

Here's some pics of my friends being RAMS

Another RAM Chef, Patti.
lady with the bright smile. Our Cindy.


Cindy hugs!

More kids!

All it takes is two hands and a willingness to help. Thank you RAMS! Tom, Jeff, Mary, Mary G. Jennifer (hi!), Jamie, Kevin, Susie, Patti, Cindy and John, and all who volunteered either their time, food, gift-cards..etc. Happiest of Holiday seasons.
Cooking poor, feeling rich
Get your grub on


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