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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nick's peach sangria. Memories of basis new american

such a pretty dining room
   Once upon a time there was a magical place. It wasn't big, it wasn't well known but it was very-very cool. It was a little neighborhood restaurant called "basis new-american." (lower case on purpose)
A well thought out menu, a dynamic and eclectic wine list (thank you very much) and a terrific staff made this place magic. Sadly it closed in July of 2010. A victim of the crappy economy. I miss the calamari. It was unlike any you've ever had.

basis played host to my WHS RAMS right before the end. Everyone had a good time.
the WHS RAMS send their love to our friend DEE
The cool kids table

Ol' buddies !

 Once upon a time our owner came to me with a drink special idea. "Twinkles" he said. (that was my nick-name) How 'bout a Sangria or something like that? OK. So I went through all my books and magazines and I put this together. We served it every summer until the end.

The formula is simple:

Keep in mind we made this in huge volumes so if you don't need this much, reduce. C'mon you can do math right?

12 ripe peaches pitted and sliced
1 bottle of Riesling 750 ml
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup peach schnapps
1 bottle of peach nectar (this can be tough to find) 38 oz
1 bottle of white grape juice 64oz
handful of fresh raspberries
one orange sliced
2 lemons sliced

Combine everything in a large container and let it soak overnight. Pour over ice in a large glass and garnish with some of the peach slices and a few raspberries. One glass makes everything so much better.
Two makes everything fantastic.

yes please

Tonight we're Cooking poor, DRINKING rich. Get your grub on. Ciao.


  1. Love to my co-workers. Pete, Amber, Lisa and Keith. Steve Short, Thank you for everything.

  2. Having a glass of your super delicious peach sangria as I type. I will definately have to keep this recipe.

  3. shecant glashhh.....sheers snick