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Monday, September 12, 2011

A zucchini so big it should have it's own Facebook page.

Before we begin. Yes all the obvious innuendoes about "size" have been made.

My Dad grew a big sumbitch of a zucchini. His name is Arthur. Yes he has a name. What? You don't name your giant produce? That's just weird.

Arthur sat on the Kitchen counter DARING me to turn him into something yummy. So I did.

I grabbed some vegetables from the fridge. Some herbs from the garden, a pound of Italian Sausage, Parmesan and bread-crumbs. And a long serrated knife.

Red and green Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Garlic, fresh seeded Tomatoes.

Sliced Arthur length-wise. Going slowly. Using a spoon, scooped out the inside to make a boat. 

Browned and drained the sausage. 
Sweated the vegetables, added Salt-Pepper and Oregano. Combined everything in a bowl with shredded Parmesan and Bread-crumbs. 

Drizzled some Olive Oil on the Zucchini and seasoned it with S&P. Stuffed both halves and topped it with more cheese and bread-crumbs. 

After about an hour in a 400 degree oven. Testing with a fork to make sure it was tender. Removed it from the oven, let it rest for a quarter of an hour. 

Slice, serve. Maybe a little Tomato sauce. That's it. Cooking poor, eating rich. 
Good-night Arthur. Thanks
Now go get your grub on, Ciao. 


  1. Oh my...that looks good. My mouth is watering! Enjoy Arthur.

  2. Oh we enjoyed Arthur very very much !!